Why You Should Avoid Bad Stock Photos

Teenage Girl On Her Bad Hair Day Stock Photo

When you are building your website, you read through all the things that go into making a great front page. You read about all the plug-ins and all of the information that may feel overwhelming. The most common theme though, in all of the information you will read is how important the images on your website is. Without good imagery, your website may as well be a lame duck in the water.

Avoid Using bad stock photos

What if your website is something that you cant just go outside and come up with some great photographs though? Well, as the internet will suggest to you, you should just go run a few searches for some funny stock photos, but you may end up staring down the barrel of some really bad stock photography as a result. Here is where the biggest caveat will lay. Your website may be geared at funny content, sad content, or a gambit of other subject. Do not be tempted to get bad stock images! Bad stock photography is like a virus running rampantly online.

Unbearable Toothache Stock Photo

Bad stock photos can destroy even the best website. Don’t be tempted to use them. you can use two different methods to avoid ending up with bad stock images. One, you can consider your websites content and go out and take your own pictures to upload. This, in my honest opinion is the best way to avoid bad stock photos. But, if you are just not that ambitious, you can also scour the internet.

If you are looking for funny stock photos, quality images can be found almost anywhere online. It will take some time and at least minimal effort to find the quality you will need. You don’t want to spend the whole week looking at funny images and forgetting that you are actually looking for content for your own site. You also don’t want to spend the whole week stocking your own site with really bad stock photography. You need to find a happy medium that will allow you to create the best website you can. Remember that your website is representative of not only your product but also you personally. Don’t let Google lead you astray, find quality rather than quantity and you cant go wrong.

Woman Covering Nose Caused By Bad Stock Photo

31 Photos of the Why You Should Avoid Bad Stock Photos

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