Best Web Design with Best Practices that are Often Overlooked

Well Designed Website

Today, the world is driven by the internet. Businesswise, potential clients and business partners are relying heavily on the internet to gather information about your business. Your website is, therefore, a public face of your business because people often give importance to a website and as a result make a judgment about your business basing on their view of your website.

Best Web Design

A great website is one that is not only appealing to the target audience but also useful, has interesting and relevant content, and is well designed. Many designers, however, often overlooked these aspects. From design point of view, an awesome site should adhere to the following web design best practices.

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A well-designed website drives visitors to do certain actions once on the site. It is, therefore, important to use every tool at your disposal to optimize conversion. A/B testing is crucial in determining the performance of various designs thus enabling you chose the one that converts better. If you are using WordPress, it has a lot of A/B testing tools such as Divi Leads. Other similar tools are Google Analytics, Experiments, and Optimizely.

Presentation of Content
Experts estimate that 250 words per web page are enough to communicate a message to the readers. Of more importance, however, is the relevance of your content to your target audience. There is always a temptation to add more content. But the fact is, the addition of more stuff just adds clutter to the design instead of making it clearer.

Readable Typography
The fact that text is still the predominant form of content online makes typography one of the most important areas of design. Typography does not only focus on font selection but also color, size, placement, weight among other factors. A general rule is that sans-serif fonts tend to perform better as headings while serif fonts increase readability.

Well Designed Website

Usable Search Boxes
In reality, website tends to grow content-wise over time such that it outgrow the initial architecture that was designed for and thus making navigation scheme more cumbersome and irritating. Best design offers simple search box within the home page.

There are other best web design practices, but the above is a summary of what you should pay close attention. Sometimes it is easy to fall for visual appeal or over substance. The best approach is to design a website with usability in mind.

20 Photos of the Best Web Design with Best Practices that are Often Overlooked

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