The Best Websites for Free Funny Stock Images

Boy Holding A Lemon And Making A Funny Face

Whether you’re an artist in need of reference material or a blogger looking to spice up your posts, stock images can be very useful. However, there are many different websites that can be used to get stock images, and it can be hard to tell apart the good ones from the bad ones, or the ones that give you free stock images from the ones that charge you for stock images. Well, that’s what this article is for! Listed below are the websites that we feel are the best for finding funny stock images (from funny stock), strange stock images (not from funny stock), and any other kind of stock image from any kind of stock.

Free Funny Stock Images

Compfight is a search engine for stock images. Think of it as an alternative to Google Images, but while the images on Google Images are often copyrighted, the images on Compfight are all stock images. Unfortunately, some of the stock images you find using these websites will have watermarks on them. You will have to remove them manually using a photo editing program.

Strange Food Banana Dog With Ketchup

If the name doesn’t tip you off, this is a website for finding the strangest of strange stock images. Every image looks like it belongs in an art gallery instead of on a website. The website also has an editing function, but you need an account to use it.

Every week, a new .zip folder is uploaded to the Little Visuals website, and each folder contains seven free stock images, or one for each day of the week. You can also sign up for their mailing list so that the folders are emailed straight to your mailbox every week.

Death to the Stock Photo is a mailing list, like Little Visuals. It’s better than Little Visuals in that it offers its images in greater variety and greater quantity, meaning you’ll find funny stock images in addition to serious ones. However, Death to the Stock Photo actually requires that you sign up for their mailing list, as opposed to Little Visuals, which merely presents that as an option.

Something Stock Image

Picjumbo is exactly what you’d expect from a stock image database, and nothing more. It is a website full of stock images, all of which are free.

Splitshire falls into the same niche as Morguefile, focusing on artistic stock images. However, “Splitshire” isn’t nearly as catchy or strange a name as “Morguefile” is.

New Old Stock is more fun to browse than just about any other stock image site, because all of its stock images are old as dirt. It’s like looking through your grandmother’s scrapbook! And given the age of the images, you can rest assured that no one will sue you for using them.

31 Photos of the The Best Websites for Free Funny Stock Images

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