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Amazon one of the leading juggernauts in online sales now offers free web services to new and existing users! The process begins for anyone who creates AWS free tier account with them. This is all done by the amazing Amazon cloud. The Amazon cloud services can accessed by signing up at the Amazon Web Service’s or AWS tier website.

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Although Amazon’s promotion says it is free many consumers are skeptical about the legitimacy of outstanding hidden fees lurking behind the free mask of Amazon. However cloud service proves this is not the case and here’s why. If that was the fact new members wouldn’t continue joining. Yes Amazon cloud does charge customers for hardware resource consumption just as do other companies like Microsoft, but for the Amazon cloud services it’s well worth it.

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Normal charges don’t begin until after a user exceeds the thresholds set by Amazon. This can easily be avoided if customers read the limits they are signing up for. And AWS free tier will charge your credit card if exceeded because billing address and credit card information is needed to sign up. The system is set in place for people who try to take advantage of the free trial by doing immense workloads on the system. There is a such thing as a free trial but not a free lunch guys.

If you want to check out Amazon web services for yourself the sign-up is quite simple and takes little time to begin. Once inside the main features people are attracted state of the art software. The EC2 and S3 are the main attractions and have been modified to the best yet. The EC2 comes with over 700 hours of micro instance usage of Linux! With this amount customers are surely able to do everything they need and more.

The trial tine is more than sufficient as members who sign up get access to the remarkable cloud service for 12 months. If a customer is not satisfied in a year most likely Amazon web services is not for them but at least they were given more than enough time to decide.

Amazon Cloud Services

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