Seven Bad website design Flaws That You Should Avoid

Worst Website Design Mistakes

Why are there still so many poorly designed websites on the Internet? Primarily because some people build a site for themselves, not the end user. If you have a website to sell products or make money off of ads you must build a user-friendly website. If not, your visitors will hit the back button.

Seven Bad website design that you are guilty of not putting your website visitor’s needs first:

1. Your Website Loads Slowly

Good Web Design

People are impatient. They will not wait for your website to load if it takes longer than a few seconds. Visitors are mobile devices, where they have a limited amount of data, will simply move on to another website. Cheap web hosting or poorly built websites with bloated coding might account for slow load times.

2. Too Much Of Everything

Just because you can put flashing animations on your website does not mean that you should. There’s no reason for website having spinning globes or waving flags on it; it’s just poor web developing.

Examples of good and bad website designs

3. Ads Galore

If it’s hard for people to find your content, they won’t bother to search for it. One, maybe two, ads above the fold is enough for any website.

4. No Clear Purpose

When visitors land on your website, they should know why your website exists. Do you sell widgets, review widgets or offer news about widgets? If people cannot tell, they won’t spend any time trying to determine why you have a website.

5. Non Responsive Websites

Good Internet design means your website adapts to the visitor’s device and their browser. Never suggest that your site is best viewed using a specific browser. It is your web developer’s job to make sure that all interested consumers can view your content easily.

6. Sloppy Text

If you have trouble with grammar and spelling, use the free tools available online or have someone else write your content for you.

7. Automatic Play Videos

Never have videos that start playing automatically when someone lands on your website. The person may be at work and not want co-workers to know that they are surfing the net instead of working.

Finally, just build your website for your visitors, not yourself, and you’ll be fine.

16 Photos of the Seven Bad website design Flaws That You Should Avoid

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  1. Bartek says:

    Great screenshot of great design . I wonder how long have the UI designer worked on this ?

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