Virtual Data Rooms: Easing the Way for M&A

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2015 was the busiest year of mergers and acquisitions. Global organizations spent over $4 billion on M&A. As mergers and acquisitions rise, the world’s data also rise steadily – over 90% of data was created in the last two years. The notable growth in the amount of data has resulted in the popularity of virtual data rooms – online repositories where data is stored and strewn for review by multiple parties.

As of today, virtual data rooms are now part and parcel of M&A transactions. This is because most businesses realize that their continually expanding data needs to be managed and distributed in a manner that enhances security, improves efficiency and saves time. Ever since Virtual Data Rooms were introduced 10 years ago, they have changed the way businesses handle their data.


For the last six years, the industry has immensely grown thanks to virtual data rooms. From 2009 – 2014, the Virtual Data Room industry expanded at a yearly rate of 16.7 percent. This growth is expected to soar from $628 million in 2012 to $1.2 trillion by 2017 – IBISWorld. The principal analyst and vice president for Forrester Research, Rob Koplowitz, expounds on the ever-increasing popularity of VDRs; “The space around sharing content externally is being pushed by the nature of our work today across organizations, and pushed by the cloud, which is the natural place where content can be shared.”

The wide-spread use of virtual data rooms has resulted in an increase in Virtual Data Room Providers. Currently, there are 241 Virtual Data Room Providers, therefore finding one won’t be a problem. However, the huge number of virtual data room providers can create confusion with regards to whether you are choosing the Best Virtual Data Rooms Provider for your business. To ensure that you rip the full benefits of VDR, check out the buying guide created by Citrix ShareFile. This guide covers everything to do with VDR buying process.

Here are some of the benefits of a virtual data room

• Saves time
• Saves money
• Increases efficiency
• Improves understanding of deals process

Virtual data room providers secure file sharing

Is your business ready to save time, money, and increase efficiency? Find the Best Virtual Data Rooms Provider and you will be on your way to ripping all the benefits of VDR.

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